Wanna maximize your Envato revenues?

Offer the ultimate corporate experience to customers while getting what you deserve from Envato licenses!

What is this about?

Dike is a licenses management platform built for Envato Codecanyon and Themeforest authors selling WordPress plugins and themes.

It’s projected and used by LCweb (one of Codecanyon top-selling authors of all times) to try making the most from existing and future licenses while adhering Envato rules.

Either if you are a long-time elite author or a newbie, one-time-payment licenses and no controls over installations keep you losing money, even in this moment!

That’s where this licensing platform acts: filling Envato shortages by locking down each installation, giving automated-updates only if support entitlement is active and offering free trials!

All of this while tracking down products installations, becoming the real manager of your customers licenses!

How it works

Prevent products usage without valid token
Forces customers to register licenses and related domains
Creates domain-restricted tokens for production and staging websites
Prevents production domain change and disables staging token after 6 months

How will it affect my business?

Dike surely impacts on your author life. Positively.

It’s not a matter of guesses: before public launch, LCweb started using it in April 2022 for its tens of thousand of licenses and there are precise statistics about pre and post Dike’s adoption.

Dike is primarily a professional tool projected for authors growth.
LCweb is the first Dike’s customer
, we are not here to steal your money and time.

Want a summary before reading the whole story?

here's what Dike offers you
14-days free trial. Cancel anytime

... not convinced yet?

Your customers, your data

One of the worst sides of selling on Envato is the complete lack of connection between authors and sold licenses.

Dike forces customers to enable their licenses for each production or staging website, creating an essential username / e-mail / domain tracking and connecting each purchase with you.

Imagine to be able to search across all your customer licenses by username or purchase code or domain. See when purchase has been performed, license activated and if support entitlement is valid.

Customers data strictly belongs to you even if they are stored in the Dike database. Even if you decide to step-out from Dike, you will be always able to login and export users data.

The validation process itself points to your server, granting the maximum flexibility in case you want to step out from the Dike ecosystem.

Fully automated process

The whole system has been projected to require the minimum effort to the author and be extremely quick to be implemented in projects.

Just  registering your products, your platform will be ready to be used by customers.
A step-by-step guide helps you integrating the validation dashboard on your products in minutes.

Once everything is set, the platform will work for you. Just sit down and enjoy!

Automated updates for your products

Dike doesn’t mean uniquely restrictions for your customers but also offers top-class services: the ability of making order among multiple licenses and moreover having automated updates, notified and delivered directly on their websites.

Being an additional service, it adds value to your product and therefore deserves to be paid. You might think about it as a sort of recurring income!

Because of this, the automation is active only if customer has got a valid support entitlement.

It’s not all about money though: sometimes there might be any kind of problem during updates. And not having access to support leads to unhappy customers.

Grab interest with free trials

Being open-source-based, WordPress products couldn’t be given for a quick test drive. But now your shoulders are covered by the Dike lockdown engine!

Attract potential customers offering a 7-days free trial: they will be simply able to unlock the product by inserting the validation token, creating a straightforward workflow leading to new sales.

It’s also possibly the best weapon you can use against piracy: in fact a major percentage of people illegally downloading your products just wants to test them, evaluating the purchase!

Take advantage of Dike's API

What is better than some good API for WordPress developers?

You will have access to various useful endpoints to be used by any programming language able to perform a POST call.

For example you can validate a license token or get customer licenses or even perform searches across the whole licenses database.

An implementation example? LCweb uses them to rule its support website: to know customer’s support entitlement and link tickets to specific products and domains.

Check the related documentation to know more »

Account details

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NB: you must create a new Envato personal token able to "View the user's account profile details" and "View your items' sales history"

Billing details

14 days free trial
  • Dike Platform Basic Subscription 29.00 € every 30 days
    • no payment requested to start the trial
    • cancel anytime
    • your licenses data will be always available
  • Dike Platform Premium Subscription 39.00 € every 30 days
    • no payment requested to start the trial
    • cancel anytime
    • your licenses data will be always available
    • access to E-mail Marketing area
    • access to Data Analytics area
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