Dike Licensing Platform

Real-world integration example on LCweb

Dike Licensing systems have been projected and developed by LCweb starting from January 2022, to fight the constant incomes decrease affecting Codecanyon (and the Envato marketplace in general) and to have more “control” over our products license.

Before speak about Dike’s impact, worth knowing the starting base:

LCweb began the Codecanyon author adventure in 2012 and became elite in 9 months with two featured WordPress plugins in the same year.

While writing this page (October 2023) counts more than 47.000 sold licenses and more than 2.700 ratings (avg. 4.5 stars).

Not a single advertising campaign has ever been performed.
Customers come 100% from its fame and Codecanyon searches.

Surely a promising user-base then.
10 years of support experience also highlighted the high percentage of customers totally ignoring Envato license rules.

Additionally, the worldwide WordPress market is over-saturated and it’s really hard to have success with new projects.

How to solve the situation then?

Why spending time and money on advertising or creating a standalone shop (causing the Envato exclusivity exit), when we are literally sit on a relevant amount of money that just needs to be collected?

Once ready, the licensing system was adopted in April 2022.
Let’s publish some statistics about these 4 months:

registered customers
(with verified e-mails)
1000 +
tracked licenses
1000 +
incomes increase
(comparing to 2021)
+ 0 %
support renewals
(comparing to 2021)
+ 0 %
support renewals income
(comparing to 2021)
+ 0 %
trial licenses led to sales
at least 0

Pretty nice, isn’t it? Honestly even better than we expected.
Here you can see the Google Analytics reports about 2021-2022 incomes comparison:

This led us to some considerations:

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